Places you would love to go on Holidays


When planning a vacation on holidays, you don’t just want to go off to a random place, you need to get the most out of your trip. Holidays should be memorable, so you need to go to places you will catch as much fun as needed to create a lasting memory. Below is a list of fun places you can go to for the holidays.

Seeking for fun holiday destinations in Africa? Tanzania is a place to visit. Tanzania has a very beautiful and exciting safari which has been greatly improved by the Tanzanian government.

Tanzanian government in a bid to improve tourism, they developed their tourist attractions which have in turn attracted millions of tourists to the country. I think your family will enjoy a vacation in Tanzania.

See a few fun activities you can have in Tanzania
* Mountain hiking
* Snorkeling
* Wine tasting
* Game viewing
* Bungee jumping

One of the top destinations almost everyone wants to go at least once in their life is Dubai. Dubai is one of the fastest technologically developed cities in the world. Getting a visa to Dubai UAE is a very easy process with their easy and friendly immigration laws.

Dubai provides an easy opportunity for individuals or families who want to tour and see the beauty it possesses.


Below are a few things you would love seeing in Dubai
* Burj Al Arab hotel (7-star hotel built on water)
* Burj Khalifa (Tallest building in the world)
* IMG Worlds of Adventure

A few things you would love doing
* Sky diving
* Hot air ballooning
* Desert Safari
* Sea diving, seeing under the ocean

There are a whole lot more destinations to visit on holidays, but recent research shows these are the top 2 cheapest places you can visit on a low budget.

We’ll bring you other fun and pocket-friendly destinations shortly, in the meantime, you can lookup on these places and plan your trip, it promises to be fun in these places. Watch out for updates to this post.