Warehouse jobs in Canada

Good at being in charge of material and equipment? Or you can do a great job in housekeeping? Likewise, you’re able to store, move, and manage merchandise? that’s right, all you may need to do as a material handler will be to pick up and shelve merchandise as specified by the customer. Monitoring and communicating inventory also will be your job to help communicate any form of shortages.

Naturally, you might have a flare showing the above characteristics even without you knowing. It might just come along without any sort of effect or stress; you just seem to do it all with ease and above all enjoy it. Why waste such a good talent when you can make living out of it? Good at space management? Then this job offer of a warehouse person in Canada is meant for you.

It’s a full-time permanent job that goes for $20-$21 per hour. So, all you need to do is to put up that number of hours counting for you. Below are the notable job descriptions for your perusal;

  • First, you do not need any form of degree, diploma, or certificate for the above-advertised position.
  • Also, you will get the required on-the-job training exercise for the advertised position from your employer.
  • As the job best describes, the offer is courtesy of a manufacturing warehouse Acme Transport Ltd, Surrey in British Columbia.

The position requires you to carry out the following task;

  • Foremost on the list, you’re required to load, unload and move things or materials either by hand or with the use of some simple material handling tools or equipment.
  • You’re also required to maneuver your way around some loading equipment to aid in the movement of products in and around the warehouse.
  • Packing and unpacking of goods.
  • Help also to pick up new orders and stock them properly for pending usage.
  • Also help in sorting, arranging goods in crates, and also stack them.
  • Help install lashes and secure the warehouse goods from theft.
  • A key function in organizing and maintaining proper inventories however needed.
  • Lastly, help in storing cargo and material storage.

The working condition and Physical capabilities are as stated below;

  • You need to be physically capable since the job is energy-draining and also highly demanding.
  • It sure will require you to be physically capable in terms of your ability to bend, kneel and crouch, as the occasion demand.
  • Your ability to communicate fluently in English will be advantageous.
  • 35 to 40 working hours per week is required of you. That’s about the last hour of input required of you

You sure be needing to take advantage of this offer and make some cool cash off the market legit. Plus you don’t need any form of education or certification or diploma whatsoever. Scrap that, just fold your sleeves and get ready to dig into the dirt for gold and do what you do best. No need of straining your intellectual capacity, just a little knowledge of adding this to that and maneuvering yourself around and around the warehouse.