Fruit or Vegetable picker job in Canada

Worried about not getting a good job in Ontario Canada, or are you worried you do not have the required certificate or diploma to aid you to find a good or substantial job offer in Canada? The life we all know can be tough when you not only don’t have the required means or capability to sustain your living or lifestyle. you need not worry much, as a matter of fact, there are numerous opportunities also exist for noneducated individuals or less educated persons.

 All you will need is just the skill to do some great jobs. Like in this case or position of a fruit or vegetable picker in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario Canada. However, regarding your job experience, you must have at least 7 months to 1 year of experience.

What sort of environment will you be exposed to?

  • Probably a wet/damp environment depending on the farming season.
  • Sometimes the dusty environment can come along also depending on the season.
  • You might also be expected to work outdoors as situations or circumstances may require.
  • Working in a hot, dry environment may sometime be part of the bargain.

How is the work setting?

The job is situated in a rural area. You will have to like or pretend to like working in the rural area of Canada. 

What are your expected tasks in this job vacancy?

  • You will have to work in a clean work area.
  • Also, you will need to be picking rows and orchard cropping
  • Harvesting vegetables by hand
  • Know how to load, unload and transfer crates or supplies and farm products.
  • Finally, be able to sort and pack all vegetables and fruits on the farm.

You may need to get your transportation in and around the farm. As you all know, is the Agricultural sector where you have just to get around with no public transportation

The Potential Work Condition and the physical capabilities?

  • There is where you may need to do some repetitive tasks
  • Also needed of you is your ability to handle heavy loads
  • Meanwhile, the job is physically demanding 
  • And is in a fast-moving environment
  • Will also involve your eye coordination ability
  • Likewise, your ability to differentiate colors 
  • Finally, you will be needed to do more kneeling, bending, and crouching while carrying out this task.

You need to possess some of these personal and suitable attributes

  • Firstly, you must be flexible
  • Also, you need to be reliable
  • Above all, you need to play along with others as a team
  • Finally, there will be a need to have good interpersonal skills. 

Possible screening questions?

  • Like most jobs in Canada, you sure do need to have a legal document stating your eligibility status to work in Canada.
  • In the same vein, you may need to prove your previous experience status.

The benefits of this job are ;

  • You are eligible for a seasonal work term
  • An onsite housing option
  • You either can speak English or French or both.
  • Finally, you get to work 35 to 70 hours weekly and get paid $15.5 per hour.