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Sugar Mummy New York

Drena (pictured above) is a 43-year-old woman in Brooklyn New York, United States of America. She needs a good man to have a long-term relationship with. Drena is currently divorced, in order to keep enjoying the good things of life, she wants another relationship.

See what Drena said about herself: I am a Caribbean woman with a fun personality and morals. I walk in the park as leisure. Simple things of life are the most things I have value for, so I tend not to be too serious. I drive far to get away from crazy things and crazy people. In order to have you, I will adjust to suit both of us if needed.

The man I will get here will be my sweetheart, nothing too serious though. I just want to have fun and not get into a serious commitment. If you are fine with having fun without serious commitments, we can be together for as long as we want. Contact me now. I am waiting to hear from you.

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