Housekeeper Job in Canada

Working abroad precisely working in Canada has now become a top priority on the minds of both young and old abroad immigrants. The majority of immigration abroad can be traced to the eagerness and keen appetite or interest in working abroad. As such, most immigrants’ sole purpose of traveling abroad, and working abroad remains the key motivating factor. Such a motivating factor motivated led to this article,” jobs in Canada”.

Immigrating to Saskatchewan in Canada for either schooling or vacation? There are opportunities for housekeeping jobs in the province with great pay. Utilize the opportunity and make some cool cash.

There exist housekeeper opportunities in Saskatchewan River Bungalows, in Lake Louise, AB. No need for any qualification at all, all you will ever need are your abilities to crouch, kneel, bend and do some maniac jobs around the home; your ability to fast pace your environment in less time.

Also, your ability to handle some heavy loads round the house that could be up to 13.5 kg in weights; as a matter of fact, you shouldn’t be tired of doing the same task over and over again, meaning you are certainly going to repeat tasks.

Finally, like every housekeeping job prep yourself with some standing practices, similarly also will be you working overtime sometimes. All the above stated are the job working conditions and what the employee expects to see as your physical capabilities.

What’s the Job Description?

  • You will be expected to work seasonally;
  • Secondly, you’re expected to speak or communicate fluently in English
  • Also, you’re expected to put in less than 40 hours a week.
  • No level of qualification or degree is required for the position; hence you can learn and be trained for the job.
  • This job is targeted at either adult females or males, young adults or mature minds.

The Job settings 

  • The job is remote.
  • The places where this offer exists are in the rural area of the province.
  • They offer staff accommodation; however, the relocation cost is not covered by the employer. The employee will be responsible for his or her relocation cost.

Personal Suitability attributes for this Job.

  • You must be reliable;
  • you can be dependent on
  • you should be organize
  • you must be a team player
  • above all, punctuality is key.

Possible Screening Question for the above job

  • Do you have the legal documents to work in Canada?
  • Will you be willing to reallocate to this province for this position?
  • Will you be available on-call work or shift if need be?
  • Are you going to be available to start on the advertised date?
  • Finally, do you have previous expertise or experience in a similar position?

What are the benefits?

  • You have the opportunity to make use of the on-site recreation amenities and also participate in all such activities as deemed fit by you.
  • You also have the opportunity to use the free parking space available on the property
  • You are also open to the subsidized public transportation system available.
  • You have the opportunity to learn and improve via a provision that will be made available. The responsibility remains solely on the employer.
  • The above listed are just the attached benefits; the main benefit to this position are;
  • $18 -$19 hourly for service render
  • Also, Gratuities as deemed fit.

The above opportunity is time-consuming; and a full-time job as you can see, for those seeking to make extra cash by the side; or for those that need something to do part-time as they await better offers. No training is needed, just you and your abilities, and the rest will be over $187 a week compared to sitting and doing nothing.