Construction Helper Job in Canada

Jattana Construction ltd Calgary, AB in Canada offers an opportunity for construction helpers in her company to aid their workforce. The above position offers $23 per hour remuneration for services rendered under the above guise. Meanwhile, the job offer is a full-time job offer and a permanent position to whoever will be successful.

The helper work available in the company doesn’t require any form of expertise, education experience, or qualification. As the name has described, all you need to do is be a help in and around the sites. The help can come in many forms; it may include doing either dirty or clean jobs; even helping run errands in and around the site remains a helping job or within your job task.

Job Description

  • No form of degree or any other educational qualification is needed for this job.
  • Meanwhile, the experience will be treated as an asset during the qualification process.

The expected task to be carried out as a construction helper working in Canada

  • You should be able to unload offload and transport construction equipment or materials to the designated locations.
  • Ability to do the basic form of mixing, pouring, and spreading of required materials
  • Also, you should be able to erect and disassemble concrete forms such as scaffoldings, catwalks shoring, ramps, and also barricades.
  • Likewise, you are also needed to know how and be able to direct traffic around construction sites
  • Be able to assist in wall erecting, framing of houses, and also roof building.
  • You should be able to help clean and pile salvaged materials
  • You should also help in cleaning contaminants most especially chemical spillages in the factory.
  • Keeping clean the construction site by removing all debris also remains part of your job on site
  • Other related jobs are also needed to be carried out by you.


What are the working conditions and the physical capabilities you may need for this job in Canada?

The working condition is dynamic, meaning the work move constantly and is speedy with time. The working condition is dynamic and regular and as such very demanding. Everything about the project or the activities on site moves concurrently and at a steady pace which does not give room for laxity. Resultantly, this means, you have to be up and doing to meet up with the work pace.

What is expected of the suitable candidate?

  • Within the capacity of this position, you are expected to be or become a team player. The spirit of cohesiveness and one-mindedness in doing or carrying out your assigned task remains key.
  • Working term: the work duration or term for this work is described as permanent. Meaning you have the opportunity to work long-term with the company.
  • For effective communication purposes, you must be able to speak and understand English well to qualify for this job.
  • Finally, your ability to work up to 40 hours a week is also required for this position

All of the above are thus required for the above-stated construction work in Canada.